Jambalaya Thirteen
  • Apr 9, 2014 6:00 pm
  • 57:54 mins

Stories included in this episode: Jenni Cargill Strong Story 1: The Legend of the First Strawberry Teller: Jenni Cargill-Strong Site: http://www.storytree.com.au/ Notes: A Cherokee legend about the first man and woman. Kim Weitkamp Story 2: Love on the First Floor Teller: Kim Weitkamp Site: http://www.kimweitkamp.com/ Notes: A story about the many different textures of love. David Vanadia Story 3: The Hunting Story Teller: David Vanadia Site: http://www.vanadia.com/ Notes: A boy has mixed emotions about hunting until his father forces him to go.  Ed Stivender Story 4: The Man in the Moon in Love Teller: Ed Stivender Site: http://edstivender.com/ Notes: The man in the moon spies a lonely woman that he'd really love to meet. Heather Forest Story 5: The Sealskin Teller: Heather Forest Site: http://www.heatherforest.com/ Notes: An Icelandic folktale about a fisherman and the beautiful woman he finds on the shore.  Joel ben Izzy Story 6: The Orange Teller: Joel ben Izzy Site: http://storypage.com/ Notes: A Holocaust victim describes the true beauty of a piece of fruit to Joel.