• Jan 24, 2017 7:00 pm
  • 56:06 mins
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Stories from Fran Yardley, Anne Rutherford, Syd Lieberman, Betty Ann Wylie that included Southern Appalachian folklore, salmon, mothers, dating, music, and more! Included in this episode: Barney McCabe Fran Yardley shares her version of "Barney McCabe," a folk tale from the black tradition of St. John's Island, South Carolina that tells how a brother, sister and three dogs outsmart an evil witch. I Need to Get Out Anne Rutherford tells all kind of stories from the fantastically fictional to the delightfully factual. This story sheds a little insight into how Anne knew that stories were the right thing for her. Visit her website at www.annerutherford.com My Mother's Love Life To be a great storyteller, it helps to come from a family with lots of great stories. This story is about Syd Lieberman's mother and will resonate to all of us who feel young at heart at every age. Learn about the late great Syd Lieberman by visiting www.sydlieberman.com M'Dear Stories can help strangers become familiar, as Betty Ann Wylie shares in this story about her husband's grandparents. It is from a collection of stories called, "Pass it On: A Storyteller's Journey."

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