• Sep 13, 2013 6:00 pm
  • 57:31 mins
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Stories featured in this episode: John McCutcheon Story 1: Ode to a Krispy Kreme Teller: John McCutcheon Website:  Notes: A poem that glorifies the classic Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts. Milbre Burch Story 2: Seven Bowls of Rice Teller: Milbre Burch Website: Notes: A farmer’s daughter saves a cursed prince with her cooking. Syd Lieberman Story 3: Truffles Teller: Syd Lieberman Website: Notes: A couple struggles with unfulfilled dreams and their own predispositions.  Adam Booth Story 4: The Mighty Tudor's Biscuit World Biscuit Oven Organ Teller: Adam Booth Website: Notes: Adam volunteers to play the organ for a congregation that worships in a "Tudor's Biscuit World" restaurant.  Donald Davis Story 5: Peas and Carrots Teller: Donald Davis Website: Notes: As a child Donald found a creative place to hide the peas and carrots he was served at dinner time.