Quoth the Raven
  • Oct 26, 2017 6:00 pm
  • 58:04 mins

“Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore’” is the iconic line from Edgar Allen Poe’s spooky and infamous poem, The Raven. But a raven is so much more than what he says and we wanted to spread our wings here on The Apple Seed and showcase some stories that reveal the multidimensional character that tales from all over have made the raven out to be. The Raven performed by Sam Payne (00:46) Edgar Allen Poe's classic poem performed by Sam Payne. Learn more about Sam Payne by visiting: www.sampayne.com Raven Day by Brett Dillingham (8:32) Brett Dillingham talks about his fascination with sound and how ravens are really good at imitating a multiplicity of noises. One day he mimicks a raven and then switches perspective to the raven’s point of view. Learn more about Brett Dillingham by visiting: www.brettdillingham.com The Beaming Maiden by Beatrice Bowles (16:05) In a land and a time when Raven is God, there is a powerful chief on earth named Ice Heart who is evil and oppresses his people. Ice Heart runs into a maiden whose smile lights up the village and wanting her all for himself, he threatens to kill her if she smiles for anyone but him. But she doesn't go along with his plan. Learn more about Beatrice Bowles by visiting: www.beatricebowles.com Raven by Laura Simms (28:03) Raven is a god and creates all of the animals and the first humans. He likes them so much that he decides to stay with them on earth. Learn more about Laura Simms by visiting: www.laurasimms.com Seven Ravens by Sean K Buvala (35:26) Seven brothers get turned into ravens and then their sister travels to the ends of the earth to turn them back into humans. Learn more about Sean K Buvala by visiting: www.storyteller.net/sbuvala Raven and Daylight by Glenda Bonin (44:10) A folktale from Alaska. Long ago, the people in the north lived in utter darkness. Raven visited them often and told them about daylight. They asked him to bring them some, so he flew to the east and through his magical powers, he stole a ball of daylight from a family and brought it back to his friends in the north. Learn more about Glenda Bonin by visiting: www.storyworksgroup.com Ravins' of a Piute Poet Poe by Beth Horner (53:50) Written by C.L.Edson Beth Horner recites a humorous take on The Raven. Learn more about Beth Horner by visiting: bethhorner.com

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