Putin, Racial Segregation, Native American Doctors

Putin, Racial Segregation, Native American Doctors

Top of Mind with Julie Rose

  • Jun 14, 2017 11:00 pm
  • 1:41:33 mins
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What’s Putin Playing at and What do the Russians Think? Guest: Fred White, PhD, Professor of Russian Literature, Film and Culture, Utah Valley University US intelligence agencies and many members of Congress who’ve seen the classified reports are convinced Russia did meddle in the presidential election. A special prosecutor and several Congressional committees are trying to figure out if the Trump campaign colluded with Russia in that meddling. But Attorney General Jeff Sessions called insinuation of his collusion “a detestable lie” in Congressional testimony on Tuesday. Professor White recently returned from Russia and offers some insight.  Using Big Data to Save Big Animals Guest: Ted Schmitt, Lead Program Manager for the “Domain Awareness System” at Vulcan As the population of African elephants plunges toward extinction, park rangers in key wildlife areas use everything at their disposal to stop poachers in their tracks. They’ve got digital fences, tracking sensors, cameras, and satellite data. What they haven’t had, until now, is a one-stop-shop: a single screen that shows wildlife, rangers and poachers as they move across the landscape. Kind of like the view you get in a multiplayer video game or when you call for a ride and watch your driver moving toward you on the app’s map in real-time.  Why Segregation is Returning to US Schools Guest: Derek Black, JD, Professor of Law, University of South Carolina Segregating schools by race has been illegal in the US for more than 60 years. But today, many of the gains made after that landmark Supreme Court ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education have disintegrated. Schools across America are steadily re-segregating along racial lines. The separation isn’t as explicit as it was in the Jim Crow South, when communities designated schools for white children and other schools for black children. But if the effect is the same and more than a third of US schools are now attended almost entirely by students of one race, is that acceptable?  Apple Seed Guest: Sam Payne, Host of the Apple Seed. The comic, thought-provoking genius of Kevin Kling. Rebuilding Trust inside a Scandal-Plagued Company Guest: Marshall Schminke, PhD, BB&T Professor of Business Ethics, University of Central Florida When laws are broken, ethics rules are violated, or customers are betrayed, it’s evident that companies have to make things right with customers. But there's another relationship that needs repairing – the company's relationship with its own employees, who also bear the stain of the scandal, whether they deserve it or not. How does a company do that? How do they become the kind of place employees can be proud to work at again?  From Reservation to Med School Guests: Erik Brodt, MD, Family Medicine Physician, Assistant Professor at Oregon Health and Science University, President and Founder, We Are Healers; Lakita Maulson, Medical Student, University of Wisconsin More minority groups are graduating from medical schools than ever before, except one. The number of Native American graduates from medical school is actually in decline. But one doctor in Oregon is determined to change that. His foundation, We Are Healers, is dedicated to inspiring Native American youth to help increase the number of native doctors who can come back and serve tribal communities. Click here to see their efforts and hear their stories.

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