Life is a Party
  • Jan 4, 2018 7:00 am
  • 53:15 mins

Holidays or special occasions can provide exciting breaks from daily life. They give you something to celebrate or commemorate and in order to do that a lot of people throw parties, not only making for a great time but often a great story. Party Girl by Leeny Del Seamonds (00:57) Leeny wakes up from what she thinks is a strange dream asking "Where's the party?". Learn more about Leeny Del Seamonds by visiting: Party People by Donald Davis (13:04) Growing up Donald didn’t have birthday parties but when he goes to school he learns of their existence and wears his mother down into throwing him one. Learn more about Donald Davis by visiting: You Shoulda Been There by Bill Harley (43:32) A song about how you should have been at this really cool party. Learn more about Bill Harley by visiting: Mary, New Year's Eve by Jay O'Callahan (48:13) Mary is nine years old and so her mother invites her to stay up for New Year’s, however, Mary lets her parents know she is an important guest at another party. Learn more about Jay O'Callahan by visiting:

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