• Jul 25, 2016 6:00 pm
  • 55:12 mins
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Strawberries in Winter This Slovakian folk tale is "a wonderful Cinderella story." "Strawberries in Winter" comes from an album of the same name by storyteller Dan Keding, a collection of stories from Dan's grandmother that reflect the traditional hero or heroine journey. To learn more about Dan Keding visit www.dankeding.com The Wounded Selkie Richard Martin tells folk tales which have been told for hundreds, indeed thousands, of years with origins everywhere from Europe to India to Hong Kong. The story of the selkie has been passed down for generations and told in various ways, and Richard's traditional telling upholds a great tradition. www.tellatale.eu The One I Feed The healing process is not limited to physical ailments, and storytelling can be an important tool to promote healing that is spiritual and emotional. This story from Jenni Cargill-Strong helps show us how perspective can help cultivate healing. To learn more about Jenni Cargill-Strong visit www.storytree.com.au The Healing Sticks Regina Ress believes that "storytelling connects us to each other & to the deepest parts of ourselves." Using original and traditional stories about the "deep deliciousness of life" to enthrall audiences of all ages, Regina draws her listeners in with heartwarming stories of healing. To learn more about Regina Ress visit reginaress.com Broken Glass Lani Peterson tells stories that highlight connection, insight, and change. Her easygoing and insightful style puts audiences at ease, and allows audiences to navigate their own stories and experiences. To learn more about Lani Peterson visit lanipeterson.com Heaven and Hell Motoko often shares insights through her knowledge and command of traditional Japanese folktales. Healing is a process not easily done on one's own. This well-known folktale is about what can happen when people work together. To learn more about Motoko visit motoko.folktales.net

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