Municipal Fines, Creative Distraction, Attachment

Municipal Fines, Creative Distraction, Attachment

The Matt Townsend Show - Season 4, Episode 61

  • Apr 1, 2015 1:00 pm
  • 2:15:34 mins

Municipal Fines and Fees (10:10) Rick Davis who is a 20 year veteran of municipal government, a former state performance auditor, and corporate public relations executive. He currently serves as the Vice President of Public Sector Services with Tanner LLC, a business services and government consulting firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He joins the show to talk about how municipalities use fines, taxes, and fees to fund the police and fund the government. Where is the balance and how much is too much. Distractions Can Aid Creativity (57:00) Dr. Darya L. Zabelina is an NSF Graduate Research Fellow at Northwestern University studying cognitive processes, affective processes, motivation, personality, and neural aspects involved in creativity. Her recent research shows that distractions actually help creative geniuses, but not necessarily their ability to get stuff done.  How to Change Your Attachment Style (1:43:47) Dr. Brogaard has a medical degree in neuroscience and a doctorate in philosophy. She is an expert in perception, synesthesia, blindsight, consciousness, neuropsychiatry and emotions and is currently the Editor of the international peer-reviewed philosophy journal Erkenntnis. Dr. Brogaard says that "Attachment theory is based on the idea that how we bonded with our parents when we were babies impacts our relationships as adults," and that, "\[although] we may tend toward a style of attachment, styles fluctuate depending on personality changes, partners, and self-regulation."

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