I've Made a Huge Mistake
  • Jun 29, 2016 6:00 pm
  • 56:46 mins

Sometimes we find ourselves getting into a jam of our own making: shaving a little too much off the top, locking our keys in the car, spilling milk, and any number of other things to cry over. The stories featured in this episode are all devoted to that special moment when we realize nothing is going to according to plan. Consider this episode a tribute to all our daily mistakes, accidents, incidents, blunders, bloopers, and blips. Stories included in this episode: Sunday Dinner Do you have leave the house with the nagging feeling that you've left the stove on? Maybe we should pay more attention to that feeling, as Donald Davis explains in this riveting tale of Sunday meals. To learn more about Donald Davis visit www.ddavisstoryteller.com The Emperor's New Clothes One of the classic tales where hubris meets humor from one of the great storytelling legends, Diane Wolkstein. To learn more about Diane Wolkstein visit www.dianewolkstein.com Why I Bought a Sailboat Bill Harley spins a yarn that takes us from Greek mythology, to the driveway, to the street. You'll have to hear it to belive it. To learn more about Bill Harley visit www.billharley.com For Want of an Eyebrow Carmen Deedy charmingly shares a story live at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival that encompasses one blunder after another. To learn more about Carmen Deedy visit carmenagradeedy.com Talking Woodstove Blues (song) An epic story in song about digging yourself into quite the hole, financially. To learn more about Michael Reno Harrell visit www.michaelreno.com

Episode Segments