• Apr 4, 2016 6:00 am
  • 58:20 mins
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Faith is experienced in many ways by people all over the world. Learning about the ways in which other people practice and experience faith through storytelling can help us strengthen our own faith: faith in the divine and faith in each other. Stories included in this episode:  The Gentile and the Three Wisemen(00:35) Many years ago, there was a forest in Spain called Andalusia and a wanderer plagued with questions. From Pam Faro's diverse repertoire of world stories, this story opens the door for this episode devoted to faith of all kinds. To learn more about Pam Faro's work visit Scheherazade (6:53) A contemplative reflection on religion, faith and storytelling inspired by legendary queen and storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights, Scheherezade, and the the teller's experience with the Muslim faith. To learn more about Mary Grace Ketner's work visit Waiting for Elijah (14:50) Passover, a biblically derived Jewish festival, celebrates the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt in ancient times. This song by Judith Black refers to the practice of hospitality in awaiting the biblical prophet, Elijah for news of the Messiah. To learn more about Judith Black's work visit Kate Dudding (16:46) This story combines aspects of Jewish and Christian traditions, and discusses the ways in which different faiths interact with each other and influence the ways in which we search for hope and truth. To learn more about Kate Dudding's work visit Winter Faith & Selected Music (MinuteMark:SecondMark) Just as similarities and differences occur between faith traditions, so too are denominations within the same faith subject to variation. For many people in the mountain, faith helps pass the winter season. This story from Adam Booth includes three songs: Hymn 1 "Anthem", Hymn 2 "Shape Note", and Hymn 3 "Spirit." To learn more about Adam Booth's work visit THe Blossom Tree (34:20) A story of faith from the Indian tradition, told by the effervescent Odds Bodkin. To learn more about Odds Bodkin's work visit

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