Jewish Resistance
  • Sep 16, 2020 6:00 pm
  • 52:46 mins

Inspiring Stories of Heroic Jewish Resistance in WWII Guest: Toby Simpson, Director, The Wiener Holocaust Library Alfred Wiener, a Jewish German, was horrified by the rise of Hitler, and he attempted to warn people of the danger ahead, but to no avail. So he set about documenting the horrors, including the events of Kristallnacht. His records are kept in The Wiener Holocaust Library.  French Resistance Guest: Jonathan Rée, author, "A Schoolmaster’s War: Harry Rée—A British Agent in the French Resistance" Harry Rée, a British schoolmaster who parachuted into rural France to help the French Resistance, succeeded because he kept his head down. He talked the Peugot factory owner into blowing up his own factory and was shot at close range, but when he got home, he hardly mentioned the war. His son tells his story.