• Jun 3, 2014 6:00 pm
  • 56:42 mins
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Today's episode is dedicated to the beautiful and mysterious seal-people of Scottish and Irish legend. Stories included in this episode: Sheila Starks Philips Story 1: The Seal Maiden Teller: Sheila Starks Philips Site: Notes: A handsome young fisherman longs to marry a beautiful woman... Jenni Cargill-Strong Story 2: Fisherman's Baby Teller: Jenni Cargill-Strong Site: Notes: In a small fishing village, on a small island, there was a young couple with a beautiful baby. Mary Gavan Story 3: Aioleen Teller: Mary Gavan Site: Notes: Aioleen seeks out the senior spirit of the glens. Paddy Tutty Song: Island Spinning Song Teller: Paddy Tutty Site: Notes: A traditional song. Jess Smith Story 4: The Kelpie Teller: Jess Smith Site: Notes: Unlike the benevolent selkie, this Scottish water horse creature is traditionally more sinister. Brian Fox Ellis Story 5: In the Realm of the Seal King Teller: Brian Fox Ellis Site: Notes: The tale of a man who changed his ways, and the brave daughter who loved him.

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