• Jul 9, 2015 6:00 pm
  • 53:47 mins
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When you were young, your mother wisely advised you not to talk to strangers. But what happens when you do? Stories included in this episode: Joel ben Izzy Story: Three Travel Tales Teller:  Joel ben Izzy Site: Notes: Traveling is one of the best ways to encounter the world.  Lani Peterson Story: In Search of Charles Dickens Teller:  Lani Peterson Site: Notes: While trying to connect with this prolific author, Lani finds herself connecting with people and places, both past and present. Geraldine BuckleyStory: Hitchhiking Teller:  Geraldine Buckley Site: Notes: Sometimes in our lives, that which is familiar can seem strange. Thomas Weller Notes: Leslie Hurd is a Navy CACO, or Casualty Assistance Calls Officer. When active duty members of the Navy die, CACOs break the news to their families – and support them during their time of grief. Site: Thomas Weller Notes: Thomas Weller has spent the last 50 years helping strangers who break down on the highway. Site: Scott Macaulay Notes: Scott Macaulay remembers how, 25 years ago, he started an annual holiday dinner for strangers who have nowhere else to go. Site: Thomas WellerNotes: Debra Goodman interviews her friend Ed Trinka, a doorman at the Plaza Hotel since 1963, and who is in the business of making strangers and visitors feel right at home. Site:

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