Tech Transfer: Tremor Measurement

Tech Transfer: Tremor Measurement

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Money and Politics, Iran, Diabetes Prevention, Cinderella

Episode: Money and Politics, Iran, Diabetes Prevention, Cinderella

  • Mar 16, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 21:29 mins

(1:20:52) Guests: Nathan Stanford, CEO and co-founder of Vykon Technologies  Dave Brown, BYU Technology Transfer office  Matt Durrant, CTO of Vykon Technologies  Cameron Hadley, CTO of Vykon Technologies  For the millions of Americans who suffer from movement disorders – like tremors associated with Parkinson’s disease – a simple smile or sipping from a glass can be a challenge. To date the tools for accurately diagnosing movement disorders and tracking their progression over time have been limited – and costly. A research assistant in BYU’s Neuromechanics Lab has a different solution.  “Movement disorders are very complicated and difficult to diagnose,” says Stanford.  “We work a lot with people who have a central tremor. It’s a type of tremor that’s diagnosed by what’s called exclusion. It’s a relatively fast tremor, predominant in older populations. It’s not going to really hamper someone’s life where they will die but it really messes with quality of life,” explains Stanford.  “We are tracking and monitoring the tremor. You will be able to use this device on a daily basis and receive accurate data to take back to your neurologist and track your tremor,” says Stanford on his company called Vykon Technologies.