Tech Transfer: Tissue Monitoring

Tech Transfer: Tissue Monitoring

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Jerusalem Movie, Spiritual Capital, Obesity

Episode: Jerusalem Movie, Spiritual Capital, Obesity

  • Dec 7, 2015 10:00 pm
  • 22:56 mins

Guests: Kim Manwaring, PhD, Adjunct Professor of Biotechnology and Neuroscience at BYU; Mike Alder, Director of BYU's Technology Transfer office  For all the advances we’ve seen in neuroscience over the last two decades, there’s still a lot about the brain that remains a mystery. If you’ve ever had a loved one experience a head trauma or stroke, you know how frustrating it is how little the doctors seem to really know about what’s going on inside the skull of a person in a coma. They often don’t know exactly where the bleeding is, what damage has been done to the brain or what the likelihood of recovery. It’s a waiting game to see if the person will wake up and in what condition.