Aesop's Tales
  • Oct 23, 2013 6:00 pm
  • 58:12 mins

Our thirty-eighth episode features a selection of updated Aesop's fables: Diane Ferlatte Story 1: "Aesop Alive and Well" and "Aesop's Story Begins" Teller: Diane Ferlatte Website: Notes: The story of Aesop and how he began sharing his fables. Sheila Starks Phillips Story 2: The Lion and the Mouse Teller: Sheila Starks Phillips Website: Notes: A lion lets a little mouse go in return for her help later. Heather Forest Story 3: The Sun and the Wind Teller: Heather Forest Website: Notes: An argument between the elements leads to a man almost losing his new jacket. Norah Dooley Story 4: Aesop's Racing Rabbit Teller: Norah Dooley Website: Notes: A retelling of the classic moral "slow and steady wins the race." Donna Washington Story 5: The Grasshopper and the Ants Teller: Donna Washington Website: Notes: A grasshopper finds himself unprepared for the winter. TELLER Story 6: City Mouse Country Mouse Teller: Jim Weiss Website: Notes: City mouse and country mouse try to persuade one another to move. TELLER Story 7: The Monkey and the Donkey Teller: Diane Ferlatte Website: Notes: A humble old man finds a way to make ends meet with a positive attitude. "I may not have silver, I may not have gold, but when I laugh I never feel old!"