The Secret of the Sabbath
  • Oct 19, 2019 8:00 am
  • 29:29 mins
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This week the Eyres discuss how important Sundays can be in keeping families on track and in helping children learn to set goals and communicate better with siblings and parents. Thinking of the Sabbath not only as a day of rest but as a day of renewal and re-creation can give families a fresh start each week and allow parents and children to "spiritually create" the week ahead before it happens. Holding "Sunday Sessions" as a family where the schedule is reviewed concerns are communicated can draw everyone closer together. Richard and Linda suggest several methods and ideas for making Sundays a special, anticipated day that children look forward to rather than a restrictive day that they resent. Living the Sabbath in this way can be a great simplifier and clarifier for families that make the deliberate effort to make each Sunday a positive family experience.