Deep Fakes, Are You a Careoholic?, End of Summer Gardening, Social Activism in the NBA, Derrick in's Mini Art

The Lisa Show
  • Aug 10, 2020
  • 1:45:32
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Deepfakes (0:00:00)  How we can avoid being tricked into thinking something on the internet is real when it is not? Dr. Siwei Lyu explains the surreal world of deepfakes and shares what we need to know about them.  Are You a Careaholic? (0:33:38) When you are called on by a friend for help, do you feel happy because you were able to lighten someone's load? Or do you instead experience sypmtoms of careaholism by feeling a sense of importance and self-satisfaction because someone needed your help? Dr. Bryan Robinson discusses the dangers of careaholism, how to recognize it, and how to reduce its tendancies.  End of Summer Gardening (0:52:45) Gardening has always been a great way to get outside, and this summer, getting outside has been a treat that we can't pass up. As we head into the last few weeks of summer, Linda Ly shares how we can prepare our gardens now to be ready for next summer.  Activism in the NBA (1:10:49) As the existence of racism in our country comes to light, we're all taking time to self-reflect. And so are large organizations, like the NBA. Charles Grantham dives into how racism affects the NBA, and what is being done to make a change.  Derrick Lin's Mini Art (1:28:27) What is it about tiny things that are so intriguing? Artist Derrick Lin explains his artistic process of creating magical, miniature scenes that hold big meanings. Show More...