Coaching Opera Excellence

Coaching Opera Excellence

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Immigration, Five-Dollar Dinners, Relationship Closeness

Episode: Immigration, Five-Dollar Dinners, Relationship Closeness

  • Mar 9, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 14:20 mins

(31:29) Guest: Darrell Babidge, Professor of Voice at BYU  Each Spring, the most talented young opera singers in the country compete in the Metropolitan Opera’s Annual National Council Auditions.  “More successful is being successful in being happy wherever they are. It doesn’t have to be the best opera house that everybody thinks,” says Babidge.  Babidge reflects on his experience as a teacher: “It’s really hard to define but in the moment of teaching and seeing someone progress in the moment it can be quite revelatory.” “I always think that if big voices can use flexibility is a good thing but also using roundness to the sound. If it doesn’t have bloom it’s not very attractive,” says Babidge.