Maternal Instinct
  • Jan 29, 2020 2:00 am
  • 57:51 mins

Every single one of us has entered this world in the same way - as a baby. Babies are equally adorable as they are troublesome; and today we’ll hear stories from Allison Downey, Bill Harley, Glenda Bonin, and Leeny Del Seamonds about the copious amounts of love and anxiety these little bundles of joy bring with them.  On today’s episode, enjoy the following: Radio Family Journal: The Sound of Music Reunion Daily Mix: Jeff Simpson discusses “Based on a True Story” Story Spotlight: “Maternal Instinct” by Allison Downey (12:26) Storytime: “That’s Where You Come From” by Bill Harley (4:16) “Saving Father’s Life” by Glenda Bonin (1:54) “The Stinking Dragon” by Leeny Del Seamonds (15:10)