• Oct 24, 2020 1:00 am
  • 56:50 mins

Greed. It’s green, it’s hungry, and a dash of it can make the recipe for a deliciously moral story. Sometimes we see greed in the plump kings of faraway lands, or in the vain eyes of a wicked step-mother. Unfortunately, sometimes, we can see greed in our own lands, or even in our own eyes. This is a lesson Patty has to learn in today’s story by Diane Edgecomb called “Pattysaurus”, about what happens when she lets her dinosaur obsession blind her to the feelings of others. But the fun doesn’t end there, we’re also in for treats from The Storycrafters and Randel McGee. On today’s episode, enjoy the following: “Pattysaurus” by Diane Edgecomb (22:42) Diane Edgecomb has been called one of the most versatile voices in the storytelling industry, known for her dynamic ways and ability to take on multiple different characters. We’ll see that talent in full swing as we listen to her original story, “Pattysaurus” about a young greedy girl who is obsessed with dinosaurs - to the point that she actually becomes one! This story can be found on the Pattysaurus and Other Tales collection of stories. “Eating the Sky” by The Storycrafters (6:11) Berry Marshall and Jeri Burns is the iconic duo that together form The Storycrafters. They began working as a team in 1991, and since have earned numerous prestigious awards such as the 2018 National Storytelling Networks, “Circle of Excellence” Award. We’ll get to hear both their award-winning voices in “Eating the Sky”, an important story about the consequences of wasting our recourses and not thinking of others. This story is from a collection of tales called Gather Round the Fire. “Silly Hans” by Randel McGee (16:33) Randel McGee is the artistic director for McGee Productions and has over thirty years of storytelling experience. We’ll hear all that wonderful experience at work in his fantastic story “Silly Hans” about an underestimated man named Hans who travels with his serious and scholarly brothers to win the heart of a wonderful princess. This story is part of a collection called Randel McGee Presents: Hans Christian Anderson - The Man and His Tales.