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Uncertainty, True Crime, Murals and COVID-19, Sleep Schedules, Summer Eating, Eating Takeout, Weekend Review

The Lisa Show
  • Jun 5, 2020
  • 01:45:36

Dealing with Uncertainty (0:00:00) First the pandemic and now riots across the country... I feel like I can’t ever leave my house again! 2020 has been full of disaster to say the least, and who knows what the rest of the year holds or what we’ll encounter in 5 or 10 years. Even the world’s greatest scientists, medical workers and politicians working at full speed to help us avoid future calamities don’t know when all of this will end. But even in the face of extreme uncertainty, we can be mindful and navigate our way through our tumultuous world. Joining us this morning is friend of the show Dr. Lara Fielding, a clinical psychologist, here with us to discuss some mindful practices for staying mentally afloat amidst a world of uncertainty. Lisa's Adventure Club Giveaway (0:15:47) Lisa and Richie give away the second Annual National Parks pass of the summer. You can enter for a chance to win at True Crime Fascination (0:18:55) Making A Murderer. Criminal Minds. Hawaii Five-O. Television stations are obsessed with crime and so are we. Do you ever wonder if that’s a little weird? How can we enjoy learning about something that’s so horrible? There are plenty of reasons and most psychologists say that it’s completely normal. But still, it makes us wonder, where does the fascination come from? With us today, we have Dr. Paul Mattiuzzi, a recently-retired forensic criminal psychologist of 30 years from San Francisco, California. Murals against COVID-19 (0:35:00) There is some really cool urban art in our cities. They make the city more beautiful, give our streets more personality, and it gives us a fun reason to take a picture next to a painted wall. But can they do more than just make a bland wall look more interesting? That’s exactly what Ruben Rojas believes. He’s an artist and activist whose murals can be seen in cities around the world. His “mission is to ignite creativity and inspire others to see the world through the lens of love” and recently he started a campaign to create 1000 murals on closed businesses in Santa Monica in response to the coronavirus. Improving Sleep Schedules (0:52:48) I think sleeping is the best part of everyone’s day—or at least it’s the best part of mine. Unfortunately, so many things can get in the way of getting a good night’s rest. Work, kids, or even just getting into a bad pattern of going to bed late. So, what can we do to fix our sleep schedule? Here to share her advice with us is sleep expert Dr. Candice Alfano. Healthy Summer Eating (1:11:08) When I think of summer foods, my thoughts immediately go to hot dogs, hamburgers, and other things I can cook on the grill. While these foods are delicious, sometimes I feel like branching out and eating something lighter and healthier. Since it’s summer and we’re all looking to be the fittest versions of ourselves so we can hike, swim, camp, and play...we thought it was the perfect time to talk about making our summer eating healthier, fresher, and a little more unique. So, I want to welcome Bonnie Taub-Dix into this conversation to share her advice. She’s a Health & Wellness Contributor for, US News & World Report, and How Safe is Takeout? (1:28:22) One of the hardest-hit industries in the midst of the Corona virus has been the restaurant industry. Consequently, while dining in is no longer an option, we'vebeen heartily encouraged to support local restaurant through pick-up and delivery options. This begs the question, however, how safe is it really to order take-out? Dr. Don Schaffner, professor of predictive food microbiology and quantitative microbial risk assessment at Rutgers University, is here to answer that question. Weekend Review (1:39:06) Richie discusses what there is to do this weekend, from new shows on streaming services to the New York Times Bestseller list. Show More...

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