Reap What You Sow
  • Sep 6, 2017 6:00 am
  • 57:28 mins

Harvest season can often be a bountiful and joyful time of the year, but a lot of what you reap is determined by what you planted in the first place. Highlighting stories of reward and/or comeuppance based on what the character initially sows, to illustrate what goes around comes back around too. Little Yamo and The Apple Tree by Karen Golden (1:10) A young man earns the trust of the entire forest through a series of good deeds. Learn more about Karen Golden by visiting: The Samurai and the Sea Turtle by Dan Keding (12:50) As a young man, a samurai sets a sea turtle free from a fisherman. Many years later their paths cross once again during a stormy night on the ocean. Learn more about Dan Keding by visiting: Pennsy Cemetery by Kim Weitkamp (19:20) Kim learns the story of Mr. Ramsey, the old sexton who ran the local cemetery, and how he would organize the plots based on local gossip: sinners near the tracks and saints near the trees. "Head Bone Rattles" is the song written to accompany this story about the sounds of the rattling bones as the train runs past. Learn more about Kim Weitkamp by visiting: Uncle Rabbit and Uncle Tiger by Olga Loya (41:02) Tiger is trapped under a branch and Bull saves him, however right afterwards Tiger tries to eat Bull. They go around asking for different opinions on how a good deed should be repaid. Learn more about Olga Loya by visiting: The King with the Horses Ears by Liz Weir (47:49) A king harrasses a hag and and is cursed with horse ears. Learn more about Liz Weir by visiting:

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