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Online Security, Pasta Grannies, Depression vs. Sports, Antislavery Poster Child

Constant Wonder
  • Apr 15, 2019
  • 01:37:05

Is Online Convenience Worth the Trade-Off for Less Cybersecurity? Guest: Bruce Schneier, Security Technologist Just because it has a little padlock symbol next to its web address doesn’t mean a website is safe. Find out where hackers can get in and how to really keep your information safe online.  Pasta Grannies  Guest: Vicky Bennison, creator of “Pasta Grannies” YouTube channel Every week, 400,000 food lovers wait anxiously for a new video from their favorite youtubers: authentic Italian grandmothers.  This is Your Brain on Team Sports Guest: Lisa Gorham, undergraduate student at Washington University in St. Louis  Undergraduates may not be expected to have done important work yet, but tell that to Lisa Gorham! She researched how team sports help combat depression. How the Antislavery Movement Created America's First Poster Child Guest: Jessie Morgan-Owens, Dean of Studies at Bard Early College in New Orleans Mary Mildred Williams was America’s first poster child.  Her innocent face, the unique face of a white slave, helped catapult support for the abolition movement in the 1850s, but she was quickly lost to history. Here's her story. Show More...

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