Fostering Moral Literacy
  • Dec 30, 2017 7:00 pm
  • 28:43 mins

Fostering Moral Literacy (4:09) Rushing through life, not noticing others or not thinking about others—perhaps even ignoring their challenges or difficulties—we’re all guilty of this. Can we do better? What do we have that others lack? What have been our unearned privileges, and what privileges have been denied to others sometimes by fate, but also by social injustice? Our first guest today, Dr. Ramona Cutri, is passionate about society’s need for deeper reflection about what we see in the circumstances of others all around us. Adults who achieve a moral literacy can foster moral literacy in children. And the world awaiting all of us is rife with inequity and social disadvantage. Ramona Cutri is an associate professor of multicultural education at Brigham Young University, in the Department of Teacher Education. Today she speaks with Rachel about the need for this special category of human literacy, so important for both adults and children.  Harry Potter (24:06) Finally, Cole Wissinger of the Worlds Awaiting team talks with some students at BYU about everyone's favorite fictional wizard, Harry Potter.