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Teaching Kids Literacy: Vello; Tree Climbing Champion; COVID Aftermath: Should I buy a Car; Summer Catch-Up; Music in Isolation; Reconnecting with Community

The Lisa Show
  • Jun 16, 2020
  • 01:44:44

(0:00:00) Teaching Kids Literacy For young kids, learning to read can be about as fun as eating vegetables. New words, long sentences, and a lack of pictures can make the process intimidating. On top of that, now that most schools are out, motivating your little ones to practice reading can prove even more difficult. Reid DeSpiegelaere shares about Vello, a non-profit dedicated to setting up young children with 1-on-1 reading tutors.  (0:13:34) Tree Climbing Champion  When you think of climbing trees, what images come to mind? Lazy summer afternoons? Kids scrambling around and swinging from tree branches? For professional arborists, tree climbing is an entirely different story. Jackson Chandler is an ISA-certified arborist and national tree-climbing champion. He owns and operates a tree-care company, "Arbor Ascent," and joins us to talk about the ISA tree-climbing competition, as well as give tips on how we can better care for our trees.  (0:32:26) COVID Aftermath: Should I Buy a Car?  Buying a car has many implications, especially in today's world. How has the pandemic affected prices? Is now the right time to make such a big purchase? Jeff Schuster, president of America's Operations and Global Vehicle Forecasts at LMC Automotive answers any and all questions regarding buying a car post-COVID-19.  (0:52:24) Summer Catch-Up  With school being held remotely over the last few months, many parents are worried about their kids being prepared and on track for the coming school year. Emily Bauman, an elementary school teacher and co-founder of Write On! gives tips on helping your kids practice reading and writing this summer in order to be ready for the fall.  (1:08:22) Music Isolation Have you discovered new music during quarantine? For some of us, music is the one thing tehtering us to reality and helping us keep perspective during this time. As you consider these past few months, how has music personally strengthened you and your family? Dr. Massimilano Frani, founder of Genote Lab, an app that uses music for stress and sleep management shares the benefits of music to relieve stress.  (1:28:50) Reconnecting with Community The beauty of isolation is the value we recognize in relationships and community. As we see certain parts of the country re-open, our excitement for normalcy rises. We're excited to dine-in at local restaurants, go to the movie theatre, and even arrive to work in full business attire. But most of all, we are excited to see friends, family and acquaintances again. John Sovec shares how we can reconnect with our various communities, and how that will benefit our well-being. Show More...

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