Women in Literature

Women in Literature

Worlds Awaiting - Season 1, Episode 28 , Segment 1

Powerful Women, Does Exercise Enhance Learning?

Episode: Powerful Women, Does Exercise Enhance Learning?

  • Sep 3, 2016 6:00 pm
  • 11:16 mins

Don’t think Hillary Clinton is history’s first woman to wield considerable power. We could mention Cleopatra or Elizabeth the First, or Catherine the Great, as examples of women who exercised tremendous sway. But, the list is much, much longer than just that. What do you know about Boadicea, Zerobia of Palmyra or the Biblical Esther? Or, great women of more recent history, such as Liliuokalani, Golda Meir or Indira Gandhi. Today, we meet artist Bethanne Anderson, who has illustrated a number of books. She talks to Rachel about one of the main themes in her books – strong, powerful women – and what sparked this passion for her. Bethanne Andersen teaches Illustration at BYU. She studied art at BYU’s Department of Visual Arts and at the Florence Academy of Art.