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Brexit, Ginsburg, Bethlehem Exhibit, Product Reviewer

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Dec 12, 2018
  • 01:44:01

PM May Hangs On, Brexit Still in Question Guest: Sir Michael Leigh, professor of European Studies, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, Italy; former European Commission official British Prime Minister Theresa May survived a "no confidence" vote from her own party to remove her from office today, but over 100 conservative MPs voted against her. The Brexit deal she negotiated with the European Union is so unpopular that she doesn’t have the votes to get it approved by the UK Parliament. The European Union says they’re not interested in negotiating a new deal and any changes at this point will be mainly cosmetic. What now? How Ruth Bader Ginsburg Became a Pop Culture Icon Guest: Jonathan Entin, Professor Emeritus of Law and Adjunct Professor of Political Science, Case Western Reserve University The oldest justice on the US Supreme Court is also the only one who can claim the status of viral internet meme. You can buy T-shirts with her picture and the words “Notorious RBG.” Her lace collars are a sign of solidarity among women and girls a protest marches. And she’s a crowd favorite on Saturday Night Live as impersonated by Kate McKinnon. Already this year, Justice Ginsburg – who is 85 - has been the subject of an acclaimed a documentary from CNN and a movie coming to theaters soon called, “On the Basis of Sex.” One breathless review calls it Ginsburg’s superhero origin story. Why is RGB having his media moment? BYU’s Bethlehem Exhibit Highlights Forgotten History and Culture Guests: Cynthia Finlayson Professor of Anthropology, BYU. Paul Stavast, Director of the BYU Museum of Peoples and Cultures. For Christians, Bethlehem brings to mind shepherds and angels and a holy babe lying in a manger. But its history is much more complicated than the Nativity. Once a predominantly Christian community, today Bethlehem is mostly Muslim and lies in the Palestinian-controlled West Bank, cut off from Jerusalem by a 25-foot wall built by the Israeli government. BYU’s Museum of Peoples and Cultures has a new exhibit that shows a more nuanced side of the little town where Christ was born. It’s called “Returning to Bethlehem: A Cultural Pilgrimage.” Apple Seed Guest: Sam Payne Sam Payne shares a story and the Role of In-Depth Reviews Guest: David Kender, Editor in Chief, Reviewed There are twelve days till Christmas. So if you still need to get French hens or French horns, it’s time to go shopping. But before you go, you may want to get some advice: not all turtle doves, electronics or appliances are created equal. That’s where reviews come in. How can you know which ones you can trust? Popular Christmas Tradition Origins Guest: Ace Collins, Author of "Stories behind the Great Traditions of Christmas” For all the talk about putting “Christ” back in Christmas, you may be surprised to learn that Christ was actually a late-comer to the party. Many of our Christmas traditions have pagan origins. Author Ace Collins traces the historical roots of everything from the evergreen tree to the candy cane in his book, “Stories behind the Great Traditions of Christmas." Show More...

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