The Shook Twins
  • Jun 11, 2015 2:00 am
  • 53:17 mins
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Passing through on their latest tour are identical twins Katelyn and Laurie Shook, along with Kyle Volkman on bass and Niko "Slice" Daoussis on guitar and mandolin.  The Shook Twins write what they call "quirky folk music," and they've been at it for a little over 10 years. Their songs focus on everything from the simplest aspects of nature and the heart to the turmoil of a post-apocalyptic earthquake! They've released three albums, the most recent of which recorded at Bear Creek Studios with Grammy-nominated producer Ryan Hadlock.  Tonight they chat with host Steven Kapp Perry about everything from avocado shakers and golden eggs, to turning down American Idol in favor of sticking together, to the power of keeping a positive spin on their music in an industry that idolizes the "tortured artist."  Featured Songs: "Crisper," "Growing Things," "Hooks," "Potter's Daughter" (see video), "Vessels" (see video), "Holler it Down." Follow Highway 89 on twitter: @byuh89 and on instagram: @byuh89

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