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COVID and Grocery Stores, Generation X, Manners in a Pandemic, Real Estate Tips, Holocaust Remembrance, COVID and Restaurants

The Lisa Show
  • Apr 20, 2020 12:00 pm
  • 1:41:07

COVID-19 Safety in the Grocery Store (0:00:00) Many people are currently stuck in a tough situation: they want to be as cautious as they can and stay indoors to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but their pantry is running dangerously low on much-needed food. When it comes to shopping during a pandemic, it’s hard to tell what is and isn’t safe. Like should we always wear a mask and gloves when we go to the grocery store? For many of us, avoiding grocery shopping in person is not an option. So how can we be as safe as possible while also providing for ourselves and our family? We are joined today by Dr. Chris Wiant, chair of the Water Quality & Health Council, to discuss safe grocery shopping in the middle of a pandemic. Generation X (0:16:12) Generation X. You grew up in the 70s and 80s. Your favorite movie is Pretty in Pink and to this day you still listen to Michael Jackson on repeat. A ticket to Return of the Jedi was 3 dollars. And you were hitting up the arcades every Friday to play Pacman and Donkey Kong. Here to discuss one of the best generations is Amy Lynch, generational speaker, researcher, and author. Manners in a Pandemic (0:34:25) We’re all juggling a load of new life changes. We’re having to figure out how to maintain our relationships without face to face interactions, how to manage being stuck at home, and even how to calculate if we have enough toilet paper to make it through the shortage. With all the things we have to worry about, is it too much to ask ourselves to remember to be nice? Joining us today is friend of the show, Carrie Ann Rhodes. She wants to help us think about how we can mind out manners even, or perhaps especially, during a pandemic. Real Estate Tips (0:50:34) We’re all supposed to be staying at home right now. But what does that mean if you’re trying to sell your home? Selling a home isn’t always easy, and right now it seems like it’s more complicated than ever. How should real estate be working during COVID effected times? Here to share his insight with us is Scott Steadman, award-winning realtor at Windermere Real Estate. Holocaust Remembrance Day (1:05:19) Tomorrow, April 21st, is international holiday, Holocaust Remembrance Day. We wanted to take a few minutes to commemorate this important holiday, so we’ve invited Marty Brounstein, husband of a Holocaust survivor with a unique story onto the show today. Marty has extensive knowledge of the Holocaust. We wanted to hear the histories he knows and spend some time remembering those who suffered through the Holocaust. Restaurants and COVID-19 (1:22:36) Restaurants everywhere have been highly impacted by the effects of COVID-19, encouraging many to get creative in order to generate business. From changing up the products they sell to creating at-home kits, these businesses are finding ways to connect with their consumers despite the pandemic. But with no end in sight, new ideas are critical, and help from local communities can make all the difference. We are talking with Jeffrey Steadman about how restaurants are reacting to Coronavirus and how we can best support them. Jeffrey is the Senior Community Director of Yelp in Salt Lake City.