• May 28, 2020 1:00 am
  • 55:51 mins

Although sometimes it can be painful to admit, we all need a little help now and then. This is a lesson at the heart of one of today’s stories by Mary Gavan, Aioleen. In this story, the stubborn and strong Aioleen risks losing the farm to her cousins if she can’t get a good harvest. This leads Aioleen to seek magical help from an unlikely source. On today’s episode, enjoy the following: Story Kickoff: “The Grey Goose” by The Storycrafters Story Spotlight: “Aioleen” by Mary Gavan Storytime: • “The Clog of Gold” by Milbre Bruch • “The Wise One” by Ed Stivender Storyteller Spotlight: Mary Gavan Mary grew up as a Celtic storytelling tramp.  As her family wintered in Scotland and summered in Ireland, she tramped to and fro, enjoying the storytelling of her grandparents and country folk. Enamoured by the traditional legends and drawing deeply on her Celtic heritage, Mary began storytelling at festivals.   The proximity of neighbouring Europe enabled her join  the storytellers of several countries. Celtic storytelling was also an integral part of her work as a nurse, especially in her speciality of community palliative care with the dying, their families and their friends.   As a midwife to the dying, she became a story catcher of those experiences. Coming to Canada, Mary opened up the traditional legends of her Celtic heritage in order to explain their uniquely Celtic significance.   By weaving strands of ordinary life with Celtic understandings, Mary began creating her own style of Celtic storytelling and becoming a professional storyteller. Mary tells across Canada, especially within her chosen province of BC with occasional storytelling journeys back to Europe and the countries of her Celtic heritage. Passionate about storytelling, both nationally and locally, Mary is a Past President of the national Storytellers of Canada- Conteurs du Canada. Locally, Mary is the Treasurer of the Vancouver Monthly Storytelling as well as a regular teller in and around Vancouver, BC Whatever the theme, her stories are uniquely Celtic in composition, delivered in her beguiling accent and accompanied with a twinkle of absolute certainty! Sadly, Mary passed away in 2019. She succumbed to a heart attack while vacationing in India, and is missed by all who knew her.