All That Jazz!
  • Sep 1, 2020 6:00 pm
  • 52:47 mins

Louis Armstrong's Big Band Years Guest: Ricky Riccardi, Director of Research Collections, Louis Armstrong House Museum, and author, “Heart Full of Rhythm: The Big Band Years of Louis Armstrong” His versatility was unmatched: gravelly singing and smooth trumpet tones. Louis Armstrong could move back and forth effortlessly, and he revolutionized both pop singing and big band music. On top of that, he was a civil rights pioneer, despite not being on the front lines marching or making speeches. And through it all, he respected everyone. In fact, he said, you'd have to earn his disrespect.  Scott Joplin Guest: Edward Berlin, author, "King of Ragtime: Scott Joplin and His Era" Jazz wouldn't exist without its predecessor, ragtime, arguably America's first true musical art form. Scott Joplin was the composer of the famous ragtime "Maple Leaf Rag." But what Joplin really wanted in life was to be a classical composer.