Up on the Mountain

Up on the Mountain

The Apple Seed

  • Apr 27, 2018 6:00 pm
  • 58:05 mins
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Stories that take place or come from mountains about a sense of community. Selection of works from Adam Booth (2:46) From his album "The Mountain Came Alive" we're featuring the stories and songs, "Spring Arrival", "Cargo Train", "Springtime Food", and "Clearest Creek". Learn more about Adam Booth by visiting: www.adam-booth.com Jack & the Animals by David H. Claunch (14:36) Jack Tales are a folklore tradition of the Appalachian mountains and this particular one is about Jack, animals, and some pesky bandits. Learn more about David H. Claunch by visiting: www.davidclaunch.com How Bill’s Wife Taught Him a Thing or Two by Joseph Bruchac (29:14) Bill tells a little boy some tall tales about his farm and isn't sure what to do when the kid actually shows up to witness everything Bill has talked about. Learn more about Joseph Bruchac by visiting: josephbruchac.com Goat from the Hills and Mountains by Simon Brooks (37:16) A little family lives in the mountains and cultivate lovely gardens together. All is well until an obnoxious mountain goat prances into their lives. Learn more about Simon Brooks by visiting: www.diamondscree.com Finding Folklore/Bile Them Cabbage Down by Dolores Hydock (46:48) Dolores Hydock talks about moving down to Alabama in search of folklore and ends up finding a sense of home, featuring music from Flying Jenny. Learn more about Dolores Hydock by visiting: www.storypower.org

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