• Sep 25, 2020 6:00 pm
  • 52:47 mins
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Land of Resistance Guest: Barbara Demick, author of "Eat the Buddha: Life and Death in a Tibetan Town" Tibet is a mysterious land on the roof of the world, jammed between global powers of India and China, and, in fact, swallowed and digested by the latter. It's a remote land, made more remote by its long tradition of sacred isolation and by its controversial occupation by China. Home of the exiled Dalai Llama, Tibet has long been synonymous with resistance to Chinese tyranny. Journalist Barbara Demick traveled to Tibet to see what modern life is like there. She explains how Tibet’s long history of resistance to China has led to the current moment. Blood Letters Guest: Xi Lian, Professor, World Christianity, Duke Divinity School, Duke University, and author of "Blood Letters: The Untold Story of Lin Zhao, A Martyr in Mao’s China" Fighting to get her words into the world, jailed and ultimately martyred political dissident Lin Zhao used anything available, including her own blood, to tell her story. She turned out to be the most important political prisoner in Mao's regime, and she remains a hero in China today.