Repeat After Me
  • Feb 7, 2018 7:00 am
  • 57:37 mins

Repetition is the name of the game in this episode full of repeating phrases, reoccurring events, and recitation. Jack and the Soap by Donald Davis (1:56) Donald and his little brother visit their grandma who doesn’t have a TV so they’re faced with the immense challenge of trying to entertain themselves. Donald’s solution? Repeat everything his little brother says. When Grandma steps in she tells the boys the following Jack tale. Learn more about Donald Davis by visiting: Why Parrots Only Repeat What People Say by Gabriel Lewenstein (20:18) From Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss’s album “How & Why Stories: World Tales Kids Can Tell” this story from Thailand explains why parrots are such popular pets. Learn more about Mitch Weiss and Martha Hamilton by visiting: The Name of a Tree by Stephanie Beneteau (25:20) It’s a time of famine and all the animals end up at this special tree that has a lot of fruit. The catch: the fruit will only fall to the ground if you say the name of the tree and no remembers exactly what it is. Learn more about Stephanie Beneteau by visiting: Old John and the Devil by Charlotte Blake-Alston (37:27) Old John is a slave with a reputation for a great memory. The plantation owner starts taking him to meetings so that afterwards John can repeat who said what, how they said it, and what the response was to what was said. He’s so good at this that his reputation spreads all the way to Hell where the Devil puts Old John’s memory to the test. Learn more about Charlotte Blake-Alston by visiting: The Smuggler by Heather Forest (43:29) Everyday for 10 years a man brings a donkey with hay on its back to the border where the same official searches through the hay everyday because he is sure the man is a smuggler. But he never catches him smuggling anything over. After retiring the official sees the smuggler in the market and asks him what he hid and how he pulled it off and the answer shocks him! Learn more about Heather Forest by visiting: Tony and the Donkey by Norah Dooley (47:45) Tony gets kicked out of his house and ends up working for a magical man who pays him with shabby looking gifts that reap lovely outcomes once a few words are repeated, however everytime he goes to show his Mama, Tony runs into some trouble with the local innkeeper. Learn more about Norah Dooley by visiting:

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