The Return of the Florida Panther

The Return of the Florida Panther

Top of Mind with Julie Rose - Radio Archive, Episode 586 , Segment 3

Episode: Meaning of Freedom, Who is Uncle Sam, Making of Heroes

  • Jul 3, 2017 11:00 pm
  • 16:16 mins

Guest: Darrell Land, Leader of the Florida Panther Team, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission The Florida Panther is making a comeback. They’ve been on the Endangered Species list since 1967 and they currently live almost exclusively in the southern tip of Florida. Since panthers need a large area to roam, they’re going to have to spread out for their population to thrive. News of panther kittens born outside of their current breeding grounds signals growth of the Florida panther population, but what does that growth mean for surrounding human communities?

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