Jambalaya Twenty
  • Jul 16, 2014 6:00 pm
  • 58:00 mins

Stories and songs included in this episode: Lyn Ford Story 1: Moon Cookies, Martin & Me Teller: Lyn Ford Site: www.storytellerlynford.com Notes: A story about the power of words and actions. David Holt Song 1: Bound to Ride Teller: David Holt Site: www.davidholt.com Notes: David’s version of the classic bluegrass tune. Judy Lubin Story 2: Lu Helps a Dragon Teller: Judy Lubin Site: www.storytellermagic.com Notes: A young man fears disappointing his family, so instead of going home he heads out on an adventure to find the great dragon king. Dolores Hydock Story 3: Different Versions Teller: Dolores Hydock Site: www.storypower.org Notes: A story about a mother who is prone to exaggeration. Glenda Bonin Story 4: Cold Feet Teller: Glenda Bonin Site: www.storyworksgroup.com Notes: A man plays a ghostly prank on his unsuspecting hosts. Mustard's Retreat Story 5: Jake and Ten Ton Molly Teller: Mustard's Retreat Site: www.mustardsretreat.com Notes: A hilarious poem about taking a tank for a joy ride.