Alex and Sam Bigney
  • Feb 6, 2021 3:00 pm
  • 55:48 mins
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The tale of our guests today begins, perhaps, in a home in which the father, a painter, exchanged some of his paintings for musical instruments. His sons, soon to be a harpist, a fiddler, and a guitarist, grew up to be Kirkmount, a Celtic band that, when the boys were still very young, kept up a rigorous schedule performing at festivals and in concert halls, making recordings, and they even won A Prairie Home Companion's "Talent from Towns Under Two Thousand" contest. Two of those brothers, Harpist Alex Bigney and fiddler Sam Bigney join us in the studio for an hour of medleys featuring traditional tunes and original pieces. Songs featured: Late Summer Aire, Home on the Columbia, Homecoming, Jerry's Jigs, Rosey's Waltz, Wandering.