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Kaity's Way, Lessons of the Lost, Lindsey Stirling, New Year's Wardrobe, Self Conscious Kids, Weekend Review,

The Lisa Show
  • Jan 17, 2020
  • 01:41:04

Kaity's Way (0:00:00) Raising teenagers is difficult in many ways... but when your teenager starts dating... that’s when it’s especially hard to be a parent. It’s critical that we teach them how to love and respect whomever they may date, because there are too many kids being abused in relationships. Millions of teens are affected by teen dating violence every year... 1 in 11 girls and 1 in 15 boys reported dating abuse within the last year. Our next guest lost her own daughter Kaity to dating violence. Her loss inspired her to organize Kaity’s Way, a non-profit organization that focuses on bringing awareness to teen dating violence. She joins us to discuss this as well as the importance of building healthy relationships. Lessons of the Lost (0:17:09) For many of us, we feel the greatest purpose in life when we’re serving others, chasing our dreams, or surrounded by loved ones. But there are some moments when we all feel lost. And, I’m not talking about the kind of lost you feel when you wander off a trail or when you’re driving and the GPS stops working. I’m talking about feeling emotionally lost in life. Joining us today is Dr. Scott Hammond, author of “Lessons of the Lost: Finding Hope and Resilience in Work, Life, and the Wilderness.” He’s here to teach us about how to recover from being emotionally lost. Lindsey Stirling (0:34:03) Richie and Lisa are joined be recording artist, Youtuber, author, and self-described "pixie violinist" Lindsey Stirling to talk about her path to success and about she finds most important. New Year, New Wardrobe (0:50:30) “New Year, new me” is what many of us are thinking this time of the year. But, it’s not only a new year... it’s a new decade! And there’s no better way to start the next 10 years then with a new wardrobe that reflects our personality and allows us to truly express ourselves. All of the colors, changing fashions, and options can seem overwhelming. So to break down how to discover and cultivate our new look, we invited personal stylist Joseph Rosenfeld to join us on the show today. Combatting Self-Consciousness (1:07:26) You went through it, now your kids are going through it, and you just don’t know how to combat it. Self-consciousness is a natural part of growing up, but it often seems like the only part of being a teenager. So how can we combat it? Is there a way to stop it before it starts? Rhonda Martin is a Diplomat in Anxiety Disorders and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. With so many of our kids, and even us, struggling with being overly self-conscious, we thought she would be the perfect person to come to our rescue and talk about this important issue. Weekend Review (1:26:38) Lisa and Richie talk about the best movies to make time for this weekend, as well as the must-attend events happening all over the country. Show More...

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