King For a Year and a Day
  • Mar 19, 2021
  • 56:50 mins

It’s good to be the king! Kings get all the riches, all the food, and all the power, but they also get all the blame and all the responsibilities. What if you could be the king for a year and a day but then you would get shipped off alone to sea never to return? Would it be worth it? This is the problem facing one of the main characters in today’s story by Jeff Gere called, “King for a Year & a Day”. We’ll also enjoy stories from Charlotte Blake-Alston, Noa Baum, Mark Binder, and Sarah Malone. On today’s episode, enjoy the following: “Nyala” by Charlotte Blake-Alston on What Little Girls Are Made Of (15:57) The Daily Mix: “Based on a True Story” with Jeff Simpson (7:00) “Why Do I Have That Name?” by Noa Baum (9:37) “King for a Year & a Day” by Jeff Gere on Yikkity Yak (5:46) “Give Me Some Cookies!” by Mark Binder on A Holiday Present (3:51) “The Argument Sticks” by Sarah Malone on Peace Tales for Kids (3:20) Radio Family Journal: “Wigging Out on McKenzie Stanley” by Sam Payne (5:00)