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The FAMILY.IS Awards for Social Media that Helps Families

Eyres on the Road
  • Jan 11, 2020
  • 28:27

On today's show, the Eyres tell us about an effort to locate the most positive and family-helpful social media and Internet sites. As parents and as marriage partners, we worry about the negative effects that our small screens can have on our kids--and on us! We know there are some good, family-strengthening websites, podcasts, YouTube videos, blogs, and social media, but how do we find them and narrow it down to the very best and most helpful ones? Well, as the Eyre's announce today, a panel of reviewers and judges have sorted through hundreds of nominees for the FAMILY.IS Social Media Awards and come up with 10 finalists in each of the six categories. Richard and Linda challenge us to go to and vote for our favorites--but more importantly to pick out and follow the sites that resonate and that will help us most with our own families. Show More...

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