Dance Therapy, Kids' Food Allergies, Travelling with Friends, Remaking Middle School, Finding More Joy, Groundhog Day

The Lisa Show - Radio Archive, Episode 355

  • Jan 31, 2020 1:00 pm
  • 1:41:15 mins

Dance Movement Therapy (0:00:00) Dancing, while sometimes embarrassing, can be a great way to let go of feelings of anger, frustration, or sadness. But dancing is not only a great stress reliever.It can also help you overcome past traumas. Dance movement therapy is a new, popular form of trauma treatment that’s healing people’s minds and bodies with movement and dance. Joining us today to talk about this modern form of therapy is Orit Krug, a certified dance movement therapist. Food Allergies in Kids (0:13:37) Sometimes it’s so hard to tell if your kids are just picky or if the food is really making them sick. Food allergies are increasingly common in young children—it’s estimated that 5.6 MILLION kids here in America have one or more food allergies. So how can you tell if you kid is allergic to something, intolerant, or just being difficult? With us today is Dr. Amanda Cox, a pediatric allergist based in New York, New York. Travelling with Friends (0:32:56) You’ve made it to New York with your best friends only to find out that half of you want to visit the MET and the other half Times Square. What do you do? Traveling with friends can either be a happy or hectic experience, and can either make or break your relationship. Here to give us advice on how to best enjoy your vacation with friends is travel expert, Ashley Rossi. Remaking Middle School (0:50:38) There’s no phase of life quite like middle school. Middle school kids have a lot on their minds as they try to figure out their place in the world while also balancing drama, puberty and classwork. And parenting middle school kids is no walk in the park either. During this time, our kids’ brains are developing at a rate they haven’t developed at since the first 2 years of life. It’s clear that middles school isa crucial time in our kids’ growth. So, what can we do to make middle school a better experience for our kids (which will surely make our lives as parents easier)? Here to tell us her ideas on the subject is adolescent development expert and author Nancy Deutsch.  Finding More Joy (1:05:50) It’s no secret that life is hard now and then. Sometimes it’s a walk on the beach. Other times it feels like you’re struggling up a steep mountain trail with no end in sight. Yet no matter where you’re at on the journey, it’s always possible to find joy. But how? Here to help us learn how to find happiness as we travel our own paths are Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen. They are the co-founders of The Wisdom Coalition. They’re with us today to tell us how we can find joy in the journey of life. Candlemas: The Real Story of Groundhog Day (1:26:30) Groundhog Day is coming up this Sunday... but when did we decide it would be a good idea to turn to rodents for weather predictions? While you probably don’t rely solely on the Groundhog to determine the next 6 weeks of winter or an early spring, your ancestors might have, in a celebration that began long before Groundhog Day. Joining us to discuss the origins and forgotten traditions of the least overwhelming holiday of the year is Reverend Dr. Patricia M Lyons, who teaches at Virginia Theological Seminary. Weekend Review (1:36:30) Lisa and Richie discuss the movies that are coming to theaters and streaming this weekend, as well as what events are happening around the country.