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North Korea, Storm Chasers, The Art of Fear

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Aug 9, 2017
  • 01:42:19

Trading Threats with North Korea Guest: Kirk Larsen, PhD, Professor of History, Brigham Young University Tensions with North Korea are escalating. The dominoes have fallen in quick succession since Sunday. The UN security council passed a package of strict new sanctions meant to restrict North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. North Korea responded with an angry threat of “physical action” which provoked a response from President Trump on Tuesday, warning North Korea not to make another threat. Hours after the statement, North Korea did make another threat, saying it had making plans to attack Guam, where the US has a key Air Force base.  Here's Why China's President is Big on Confucianism Right Now Guest: Bryan W. Van Norden, PhD, Professor of Philosophy, Vassar College, Author of the forthcoming book "Taking Back Philosophy: A Multicultural Manifesto" Apart from the occasional saying in a fortune cookie, or the Yin and Yang symbol common in pop culture, Americans don't know much about Chinese Philosophy. Even in academic circles, Bryan W. Van Norden argues that Westerners are woefully ignoant of the major school of thought that underpin Chinese society. Meanwhile, China's growing political, economic and military clout makes our ignorance a liability.  What Are You Looking For? Guest: Angela Bahns, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Wellesly College What do you notice about the people you meet? How attractive their faces are? Whether they’re in shape or not? If they wear expensive shoes? We might focus on any, or all, of those things, depending on whether we’re looking for a friend or hoping for much more.  Apple Seed Guest: Sam Payne, Host of The Apple Seed, on BYUradio Tellers and Stories Storm Chasing: Of All the Hobbies Guests: Warren Petersen and Steven Petersen, Storm Chasers Most parents call their kids inside when a storm hits. Not in the Petersen household. Ever since he was seven, Steven Petersen has joined his dad, Warren, in heading outside to chase a brewing storm. Tornados are their specialty. The Petersens – who live in Colorado - regularly provide their tornado footage to TV and print outlets. The Art of Fear Guest: Kristen Ulmer, Former Extreme Skier, Author of “The Air of Fear: Why Conquering Fear Won’t Work and What to Do Instead” Fearlessness was Kristen Ulmer’s claim to fame as one of the world’s best extreme skiers for more than a decade. How else could she have done all those crazy things for the cameras? Like the time she attempted her first backscratcher flip off a cliff in front of a movie cameraman. The first time she ever did it was on screen. Fear of failing would have kept many a great skier from trying that.  Ulmer skied ahead of – and in – avalanches. She skied over cliffs other hotshots were too chicken to take. And then she burned out and quit.  Decades later, Kristen Ulmer has concluded that her unhealthy relationship with fear was the root of her problems. She’s now an evangelist for fear. Her new book, “The Art of Fear,” argues for listening closely to our fears – even embracing them. Show More...

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