Political Division and Loved Ones

Political Division and Loved Ones

The Lisa Show - Radio Archive, Episode 46 , Segment 2

Episode: Thanksgiving Traditions, Holiday Drama, Family Movie Night

  • Nov 19, 2018 4:00 pm
  • 17:43 mins

With Thanksgiving this week, it’s inevitable that some family member will bring up something political we don’t agree with. When we disagree politically with a coworker or an acquaintance, we can politely decline to comment or put space between us, but what can we do when we disagree with a cousin, uncle, or even our spouse? We’ve invited author and psychotherapist Dr. Kathy McCoy to join us to give some advice before this week’s festivities begin. Kathy McCoy is an accomplished author, journalist, psychotherapist, and an expert on behavior and relationships. You can learn more about her on her website.

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