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Trump Twitter Block, 2-Minute Mornings, New BYUradio Shows

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Sep 7, 2017
  • 01:43:25

Can Politicians Block Followers on Social Media? Guest: Lyrissa Lidsky, JD, Dean, University of Missouri School of Law Is it legal for elected officials to block people from their Facebook pages or Twitter feeds? President Donald Trump’s done it enough to attract a lawsuit alleging his blocking of people on Twitter violates freedom of speech. The ACLU makes a similar argument in suing, or threatening to sue, governors and members of Congress who, in a number of states, have blocked people from official social media sites. This question is an active debate among Constitutional lawyers right now. The Happiness Equation Guest: Neil Pasricha, Author, “The Happiness Equation,” and “Two Minute Mornings: A journal to win your everyday,” blogger at, Director, Institute for Global Happiness If you had to name 1000 awesome things in your life, could you do it? Is your life that great? Neil Pasricha thinks his life is and here are some of the things on list:  #990 – Picking up a Q and U at the same time in Scrabble.  #840 – Popping Bubble Wrap. #400 – Putting Your Own Shoes On After Bowling. #168 – When the meeting ends early. During a time in his life that was tough, he started a blog called “1000 Awesome Things,” which turned into a couple of books, a viral Ted talk and an entire foundation devoted to promoting happiness and gratitude. Neil Pasricha’s latest effort is a pocket-sized journal called “Two Minute Mornings: A Journal to Win Your Every Day.” New Shows on BYUradio: Special Collections and In Good Faith Guests: Mark Burns, Host, “Special Collections: Radio Tours To All the Cool places,” BYUradio; Steven Kapp Perry, Host, “In Good Faith,” BYUradio This fall, BYUradio has launched several new shows that we hope you’ll love. Their hosts will give a peek into our new fall lineup. "Special Collections" is a show about museums of all sizes and scope. "In Good Faith" is a conversation with people of all faiths about when they recognized God or a higher power in their life. Caffeine Can Kill (Originally aired June 7, 2017) Guest: Barbara Crouch, PharmD, Clinical Professor of Pharmacotherapy at University of Utah; Director of the Utah Poison Control Center Caffeine perks you up and can give you the jitters if you overdo it, but did you know that at high enough concentrations it can be very dangerous – even deadly? Getting to that threshold is easier than you might think.  Octopus Arms Have Minds of Their Own (Originally aired May 9, 2017) Guest: Sy Montgomery, Author, “The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness” Having an extra hand would certainly be convenient from time to time, but imagine if that extra appendage also had a mind of its own. What if it even had a bit of its own personality – like if it preferred to draw with pen, rather than pencil? That’s bizarre to consider, but for an octopus, it may be true, because the octopus has more than half of its neurons located on its eight arms instead of having them all concentrated in its brain like humans.  Helping a Child with Overeating (Originally aired April 17, 2017) Guest: Michelle Maidenberg, PhD, President and Clinical Director of Westchester Group Works, Author of “Free Your Child from Overeating” More than one-third of children and teens in the United States are overweight or obese, which means there are millions of parents across the country grappling with how to help their children reach a healthier weight, without making the problem worse. It can be agonizing. What if a parent’s well-meaning efforts backfire and the child develops an eating disorder? What if encouraging your child to make better food choices just leads them to indulge further? There’s so much emotion – and so much at stake – for parents in this situation; many are simply paralyzed, unsure what to do. Check out Maidenberg's website here. Show More...

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