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Storytelling, Creepy Clowns, Women Warriors, Cheese History, Artisan Cheese

Constant Wonder
  • Apr 18, 2019
  • 01:41:39

The Appleseed: My Days in a Youth Gang Guest: Sam Payne, host, BYUradio's The Apple Seed Creepy Clowns Guest: Frank T. McAndrew, Professor of Psychology at Knox College  Purveyor of horror, Stephen King holds our fascination with his stories. Yet there is one case where he has managed to enhance his readers creep factor.  "It" was a phenomenon that drove the world to second guess their childhood birthday parties and love of fast food. Did fear of clowns originate with King or have we always had an aversion to them?  Beyond horror novels and the 2016 infestation of clowns, do you know why we’re creeped out by them?   Women Warriors in History Are More Common Than You Might Think Guest: Pamela D. Toler, author, "Women Warriors: An Unexpected History" Did you know that Cyrus the Great of Persia was defeated on the battlefield by a women warrior named Queen Tomyris? Thanks to Disney, you’ve heard of Mulan. And you know who Joan of Arc was. But there are thousands of other women warriors who you've probably never heard of before. Pamela Toler aims to fix that.  A Quick Tour Through the 9,000-Year History of Cheese Guest: Paul Kindstedt, Professor of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Vermont One of the workhorses of the Western diet comes from fermented or curdled milk in various colors, flavors, textures and smells that range from the sweet to the savory to the downright disgusting. Our guest is a cheese historian from Vermont, the heart of American cheese country. Who discovered it and when, and where did all these varities come from? How Piquant Cheddar Became a Booming Family Business Guest: Hayden Welsh, Beehive Cheese Company, Uintah, Utah Cheese is a huge staple in American cuisine, usually it's mass produced. But for some people, cheese is an art form, not a mass comodity. We’re joined on Constant Wonder by Britton Welsh, a second generation artisanal cheesemaker who operates from his family’s creamery in Utah, which is making a name for itself with wheels of flavorful "rubbed" cheddars. Show More...

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