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Adopting a Dog, College Depression, Safety in AirBnB, Friendships in Adulthood, Father's Day Prep, Tenant's Rights

The Lisa Show
  • Jun 10, 2019
  • 01:41:17

Adopting a Dog with Allergies (00:00) Richie talks to Lisa about his experience trying to adopt a dog over the weekend. College Depression (14:44) University of Florida psychiatrist Marcia Morris discusses what is causing the rise in depression in college-age kids, and what parents can do to help and support their struggling kids. Safety for AirBnB (34:31) Travel blogger Asher Fergusson gives advice for staying in an AirBnB safely. Friendships in Adulthood (50:41) Bill Rawlins, professor at the University of Ohio and friendship expert, explains how friendships differ in adulthood and how to make and maintain them throughout your life. Father's Day Prep (1:07:57) Carrie Ann Rhodes talks to Lisa and Richie about the history of Father's Day and discusses the best ways to celebrate. Tenant's Rights (1:27:09) Real estate law expert Zachary Schorr teaches Lisa and Richie about the rights that every tenant should know that they have, and what you should do as a tenant to make sure you're in the best situation possible. Show More...

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