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Neighborhood Etiquette, Amazing Cakes, Opioid Epidemic, Importance of Play, Build Good Karma, Screen Cleaning, Weekly Roundup

The Lisa Show
  • Jul 26, 2019
  • 01:41:11

Neighborhood Etiquette (00:00) Travis and Teresa McElroy, hosts of the podcast Shmanners, share how to be good neighbors and uphold neighborhood etiquette.  Amazing Cakes (19:11) Courtney Rich, baker extraordinaire from Cake by Courtney, gives us tips for baking and decorating cakes like a pro. Opioid Epidemic (35:59) Anna Fondario, Program Manager for the Violence and Injury Prevention Program at the Utah Department of Health, discusses the opioid epidemic and how to recognize an opioid addiction. Importance of Play (50:36) Play expert and occupational therapist Keri Wilmot talks about the importance of play and the skills kids can gain from playtime. Selfless Ways to Build Good Karma and Generate Happiness (1:07:51) Mindfulness expert Dawn Hafner gives us some selfless ways we can generate good karma and build more happiness in our busy lives through meditation and human connection. Screen Cleaning (1:26:03) Jeff and Cole from BYU Radio's Screen Cleaning discuss updates from Comic-Con and what's in store for the next phase of Marvel.  The Weekly Roundup (1:36:40) Becca Brennan joins Lisa and Richie for a musical summary of the week's show. Show More...

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