5-Dollar Dinners

5-Dollar Dinners

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Immigration, Five-Dollar Dinners, Relationship Closeness

Episode: Immigration, Five-Dollar Dinners, Relationship Closeness

  • Mar 9, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 15:38 mins

(15:51) Guest: Erin Chase, “The Five Dollar Dinner Mom”  Drive through a fast food restaurant and you’re likely to drop at least 5 dollars on a meal. Same is true at just about any lunch place in town. But Erin Chase wanted more of a bargain when feeding her family.  “Back in 2008 when the gas prices initially shot up, our budget was pinched, so we needed to cut back some more,” says Chase.  “Generally I have a couple of kids with food allergies so I can’t just go buy a box of hamburger helper or a packet of ranch. So because of that, I have to cook from scratch,” says Chase.  “I would say almost every week at the drug stores or grocery stores,” says Chase, “there are sales for household products. That is how I save on groceries.”