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Bringing Up the Past, Humor and Kids, Family Dinner

The Matt Townsend Show
  • Nov 9, 2015
  • 02:19:46

Dr. Matt Townsend - Bringing Up the Past (14:07) Dr. Townsend talks about Ben Carson and his recent issues with specific stories from his past and trying to keep the details straight. Does this matter and will it hurt his success in the polls. The facts of stories from the past are tough to remember and Dr.Townsend gives some tips on how to avoid any embarrassing missteps. Using Humor to Combat Stresses of Life (1:00:00) Seth King is a father of five from Herriman Utah. His kids from time to time procrastinate and end up being late to school. To motivate his kids to avoid being late Seth wrote late notes full of humor, sarcasm and slightly embarrassing stories. He posted the notes to an instagram account to share his story of how to help kids be on time. Dr. Charlotte Reznick - Family Dinner (1:48:52) Dr. Charlotte Reznick is a child educational psychologist, former UCLA Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology and the author of the L.A. Times bestselling book, The Power of Your Child's Imagination: How to Transform Stress and Anxiety into Joy and Success. Dr. Reznick has a 30-year meditation practice, and is the creator of the coping skills program, Imagery For Kids: Breakthrough for Learning, Creativity, and Empowerment. Dr. Reznick joins Dr. Townsend to talk about the effect family dinner can have on children. Show More...

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